Acland Burlghley Superclass


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The Superclass transforms an underused Assembly Hall into an innovatory and experimental teaching/learning laboratory. It performs as large classroom where up to 90 pupils can follow a project-based curriculum and work in groups of differing sizes as well as coming together for plenary sessions.

With time and budget constraints, SCABAL had to re-invent the existing space without involving unnecessary new-built work. This was perceived as an opportunity to develop an innovative concept that responded to the school’s needs and resources, allowing different learning methods to be developed and observed. By creating a new lighting atmosphere, drilling a series of holes in the concrete wall between the main space and the corridor to create a variety of smaller and more intimate group areas, and recycling obsolete in-house furniture, taking them apart and reconfiguring them into new flexible pieces, we have provided a new life cycle to once redundant equipment.

Flexibility, brightness, diversity, experimentation and playfulness are a few of the qualities that have been embodied in the design of the Superclass.