Colville Estate


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Iain Carson @ KCA

Colville Estate, in the London Borough of Hackney, is a predominantly Local Authority estate of 5-Hectares and had become disconnected from its successful neighbours of Shoreditch, De Beauvoir, Hoxton and lost it’s relationship to the Regent’s Canal. The lack of pedestrian movement to surrounding areas and inward looking nature of Colville Estate, coupled with the poor condition of existing buildings made for an area of noticeable neglect.

Karakusevic Carson was appointed to develop a masterplan for a new Colville Estate.

The project aims are to:
Replace 438 existing homes that are in poor condition with 900 new homes of mixed tenure,
Reintegrate the Estate into its surroundings
Encourage pedestrian movement and use of outdoor and connecting spaces
Attract inward investment

Provide better quality, better designed family homes maximising home provision (in terms of type, scale and quality)
The Masterplan established a new route hierarchy to encourage better street connections, more defined public realm and better quality, more attractive architecture - all working holistically to invite pedestrians and new residents in. This supports the idea that the single most effective way to unlock the greatest potential is the opening up of wider public spaces and existing and new connections. Community engagement was the cornerstone of gaining the support of the local community - this proved highly successful as the unanimous support for the objectives demonstrated.
Delivery of the masterplan is generated in Phases - Bridport House is the first parcel to be completed. At the time of completion this was the biggest cross laminated timber structure in the UK. This is an important step in realising the Masterplan as this will initiate the first decant making way for the second phase of the construction programme.