Duraven Sports Hall


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Dunraven was chosen by Lambeth as one of two Sample Schools in Phase II of their BsF programme. The school site on either side of a busy road contains disparate disconnected buildings of variable quality built over the last two hundred years. SCABAL’s masterplan makes sense of this mixed stock and proposes re-use of the better buildings through selected re-modelling, refurbishment and refreshment, selective demolition of the weaker, less valuable buildings, and selective addition of new buildings, including the soon-to-be-completed Buzz-Sports Hall and the proposed Ponta-Musica which arranges music practice rooms on a bridge joining two adjacent but ill-connected buildings of very different types and ages. The masterplan also proposes a Sports Village to be built in the intermediate landscape, where a wide range of engagement in sport can be encouraged spanning from casual sporty activity, skateboarding, keepy-uppy, swingball etc, training facilities like cricket catching cradles, through entry-level in formal sports to full Sport-England compliance.