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London, Edinburgh & Glasgow

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Iain Carson @ KCA

The Dynamic Spaces project was born in London and took an analytical look at under used and under funded leisure facilities, with poorly designed external space into mixed-use modern urban environments. The project delivers new affordable and private housing in the airspace above under-utilised car parking, it provides better sports and leisure centres and not least it provides animation to the environment. The first phase of the initiative will raise £250 million for 20 London Leisure Centres, and this concept can work in Edinburgh and Glasgow where we have already identified a number of sites.

Dynamic Spaces will transform run down, urban eyesores into well used, mixed-use developments, providing balanced communities and accessible sports facilities for all. There is no loss of capacity or public open space and by working with the Local Authority (and/ or Private landowner) returns can be recycled into the wider area and community.

The project might offer starter homes, affordable housing, private rented homes, key worker homes, local amenity, nurseries/ day centres, new leisure centres, new schools/ colleges, commercial hubs and would certainly encourage economic growth and urban regeneration.

Dynamic Spaces are in high demand areas, they are brownfield sites with existing infrastructure, inner cities and regional centres. Through successful partnership working with Local Authorities and Government departments, as well as private developers, Carson & Partners provides high quality design that allows their Client to realise asset potential. Support from the planning authorities has assisted a fast track approach on schemes to date, and appropriate legal agreements have been drafted to ensure protection for the various parties involved.

This allows immediate delivery of new homes, capital receipts for Local Authorities and Statutory bodies with a low public subsidy requirement. Massing and scale can reduce the construction costs and the return is increased by where there is no land acquisition cost required. This project benefits transport and health investment, contributes significantly to sports facilities without loss of parking or open space, intensifying existing urban areas and improving wasted and poorly planned spaces.

The London Dynamic Spaces are supported by:

Sport England
Mayor of London
Housing Corporation
Local Authorities
… in fact everyone who has been told about it