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Iain Carson @ KCA

Within Glasgow City Centre, George Square and the surrounding streets express the wealth, artist talent, pride and exuberance of the once ‘second city of the Empire’ at a time when civic pride was expressed through grandiose architectural and artistic form. George Street travels east through the Merchant City to meet High Street, which is often considered the gateway to the East End. The site at Greyfriars is prominent - forming a gushet and key corner point marking the end of one quarter and connection to the next.

Within close proximity is the University of Strathclyde, there is the opportunity to address student needs on and off campus, accommodation, nourishment, provisions and more.
‘Greyfriars’ returns a formal edge to the street and engages with the height of the opposing corners at the junction with Duke Street. The upper floor residential function conforms to the structure of the existing surrounding tenements - ground floor retail / commercial and upper floor residential.

At ground floor level the building opens to face new public realm to the south of the site, and allows interaction between internal function and external space. If Glasgow’s strength is in its people, the exchange and banter then bringing life back to the street will create a vibrant, bustling, ‘gallousness’ that is characteristic and indigenous to this part of the City.